KNX – the global standard for home and building automation, makes it possible to increase energy efficiency, convenience and security with the greatest possible flexibility. This allows all functions in the building to be connected and controlled easily. Whether sun shading, light, air conditioning, heating or safety systems – with KNX, all of these power consumers can be controlled centrally using an operating element or automatically through intelligent sensors. WAREMA KNX components integrate seamlessly into KNX networks enabling the perfect automation of sun shading products.

  • Global standard in house and building automation for the use of components and devices from different manufacturers
  • Maximum security in the digital building - KNX secure actuators ensure that access is only possible for authorised participants
  • Easy link between the sun shading system, lighting, air conditioning, heating and safety systems
  • Flexible planning and installation possible thanks to large variety of devices (surface mounted, flush-mounted, connected in series)
  • Commissioning, diagnosis and troubleshooting via smartphone app thanks to actuators with Bluetooth interface
  • The parameters of the WAREMA KNX are perfectly matched to the requirements of the sun shading system.

In a KNX system move commands and weather data are transmitted via the bus line. The sensors transmit current weather data to the actuators. Every actuator filters the signals intended for it out of the bus line and independently initiates the commands for all connected products (sun shading system, light, windows, etc.).

KNX actuators from WAREMA enable the simple and reliable implementation of various convenient and safety functions such as sun position-dependent slat tracking. The BAline KNXMCM extension enables even complex applications such as annual shading or the implementation of a wind report to be realised.

KNX actuator for controlling sun shading drives

KNX operating elements for manual control

KNX sensors for automatic sun shading product control

KNX additional components

  • Slats of external venetian blinds track the exact angle of the sun
  • Long-term guarantee of the ideal slat position in which direct sunlight is blocked but enough daylight is still available to illuminate the room
  • Prerequisite for efficiency class A and B as per VDI 3813-2 and DIN EN 15232

  • Calculation of shadows for each individual window at all times of the day and year
  • Shadows in environment taken into consideration (e.g. in courtyards or due to neighbouring buildings)
  • Sun shading system operates as if each sun shading product has its own sun sensor
  • Increased user acceptance by avoiding unnecessary movements of the sun shading system