Energy efficiency, convenience, safety and flexibility – these are the requirements placed on modern buildings today. Thanks to intelligent networking and clever room automation, you can master these challenges. Whether in one-family homes or large properties - WAREMA solutions guarantee reliable control of the sun shading system in a smart building.

  • Simple operation with hand-held transmitter, wall-mounted transmitter, smartphone and voice control
  • Perfect for retrofitting and individual extension of the control with minimum amount of installation work
  • Clever control functions for the convenient automation of sun shading products and protection against weather conditions

  • Individual combination of the sun shading control system, motor control units and sensors
  • Automatic control of up to 4 facades based on the current weather data and control modes
  • Factory settings protect the sun shading system against damage caused by weather

  • High-performance control systems for sophisticated residential and medium-sized commercial and functional buildings
  • Simple commissioning via PC with full flexibility
  • Control functions ensure optimum light conditions and energy-efficient building management

  • Compatible across manufacturers, standard communication providing optimum network of different items of equipment
  • Optimum indoor climate even in complex building structures
  • Intelligent technologies enable functions such as sun position-dependent slat tracking, annual shading and wind reports to be implemented

guarantee the success of your project, no matter what the challenge.

More than 5300 employees at 25 locations are passionate about our solutions.

Automated sun shading system saves more than 30% of the heating energy and 50% or the cooling energy.

offer you the broadest range of functions in sun shading system automation on the market.

Hardware and software are developed and manufactured in Germany.

Control systems for the private and commercial sector, for operating individual sun shading solutions, smart household appliances or even the complete house and building automation: With WAREMA you will strike gold. The control systems from WAREMA rely on different technologies for transmitting signals reliably and also ensuring the greatest possible compatibility with products from third party suppliers. Private households can be controlled simply and conveniently using the radio-based WMS system, for example. Omnexo can be used to perfectly automate medium-sized commercial and functional buildings such as nurseries, schools and office buildings. For complex control tasks, for example in commercial properties, WAREMA offers control systems based on the globally established KNX technology. They can be used to easily link and centrally control the sun shading system, lighting, air conditioning, heating and safety systems.